Alright, a bit of a flashback to before I was born…

I had started watching this vid of a debate at FreedomFest, off of Lee Rockwell’s blog(link on the right). I listened to the man’s opinions, paused, thought, pushed play, and kept watching. Until this. At 2:24 minutes left, I recognized a trend, and I’m SO glad I picked this up, albeit a tad bit late.

He states “…(in reference to Iran’s leaders) they have already announced in their videos and in their pamphlets that if they get Iraq, they will then target Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.”

Remind you of anything? Lets keep listening.

“So what is the libertarian position on this? To sit back, and watch the entire Middle East fall one after another into the hands of ruthless people? I mean, if the United States cannot defeat the insurgency, do you think they can do it all by themselves?”

I’m going to take us all back to the early 50’s. The Soviets had been oppressing the Eastern European nations, the Berlin Blockade had been built, China had a civil war, and the Korean ‘War’ was in full swing. What else was in full swing? McCarthyism. The Un-American Activities Committee had been ‘examining’ citizens about ‘assured’ Communist ties.

Does anyone remember WHY the travesties that were Vietnam and Korea occurred? To stop Communism from taking anymore countries! He’s saying the SAME THING! The implications are enormous, especially considering that, in retrospect, I’m almost positive I’ve heard the same reasoning before(I tried to search for where before I posted this, but to no avail).

I would like anyone else who has anything to add or discuss ALWAYS post comments. Never feel like just because you have a dissenting opinion, you cannot post here. Its freedom of speech, correct? 🙂

UPDATE: I also felt that what Ron Paul’s points near the end, while true, were just rabble-rousing and showboating.


2 Responses

  1. Firstly, rock the QC.

    As to the post, you seem to suggest a rather Marxist/Hegelian view of history. I would agree to an extent, but would ask, why should we prevent Iran’s actions?

  2. I believe we shouldn’t prevent their actions at all! I believe that its none of our business, and that the more ‘liberal’ of the governments in the region would fight it themselves, with no aid from us.

    Saudi Arabia joining with Egypt?
    Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon with Israel?

    I believe ALL would join together to fight the wave invading them.

    A united Middle-East… Even if just for a brief period in history… What a thought…

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