Straw Poll: Most Wins As of August 26

Even though I’m writing this in September, the Texas, Maryland, and South Dakota Straw Poll results have not been released as of yet. For those unfamiliar with the term, a straw poll is a sort of practice-vote; a vote where the results are not binding. The term comes from a straw held up to see in what direction the wind blows, in this case the wind of group opinion.

The current Republican canidates with the most un-weighted wins are Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and Fred Thompson, respectively. However, if we look at the weighted results, as in a first place finish awards 3 points, second place 2 points, and third recieving 1, we find that Presidential hopeful Ron Paul is tied for the lead, with 35 points, along with Fred Thompson. Political analystis and pundits seem to be unable to agree whether the straw poll results are indicative or not, so we are left to find our own interpretation.

Top 3 Placings    1st  2nd  3rd

Mitt Romney        4     6      7
Ron Paul             7     5      4
Fred Thompson   9     4      0
Rudy Giuliani       0     5      3
Mike Huckabee    0     2      2

Wieghted Placings   1st  2nd  3rd
Ron Paul                 7     5      4
Fred Thompson       9     4      0
Mitt Romney            4     6      7
Rudy Giuliani           0     5      4
Mike Huckabee        0     2      2

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