Americans Make Me Sick…

I don’t think I can be involved in politics professionally. Simple reason why, if you want it condensed, is that Americans disgust me. Well, for the most part. We would rather watch the latest expose on Paris Hilton than the latest expose on the fact that, at any time of ‘nation crisis’, the President can take total control of ANY state’s National Guard. Couple this with the fact that our proposed budget spending for the 2008 fiscal year is 67% defense related, and we have a problem.

We have been losing our civil liberties, and we are prepared to do…


My generation is the worst of all. The recent inaction at the University of Florida during the John Kerry event seems to prove it. In the face of gross misconduct by an authoritative power, we would rather sit at the comfortable confines of our desks and act important, through websites that matter only in the minds of like-minded individuals. We would rather play ‘sandbox’ politics than get up and take action for what matters.

But thats only if we actually cared. But no. We don’t.

We only act like it to have a public face and reputation, and to seem smart and informed to our peers…

What bothers me the most is that these armchair politicians are going to become the new political leaders of tomorrow.

Will our legacy be the failed experiment in democracy, brought down by corruption and excess? Only time will tell. I wish you the best of luck.

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2 Responses

  1. ….. and the most blatant display of said apathy would be your own words! What the hell?! Hypocrisy at it’s finest…

    The very thing you condemn is the thing you profess to be doing. You see the obvious flaw with society… You see the trend to ignore… YET, you proport to not want to be involved for the EXACT same reasons you condemn others for not taking a stand.

    Shame on YOU.

  2. Making a stand is difficult when I am a minor, not in the room, not in the college, not in the state, not in the east, and across the United States. In a high school where even throwing the truth about whats happening in other people’s faces just make them care LESS, if at all possible.

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