As of Yesterday…

Russia and Iran are allies in any potential conflict in the region, in terms of aid and military involvement.

With Russia also allied with China, this puts the updated WWIII fronts as follows:

1) a) Russia – 2nd strongest military
b) China – largest military
c) Iran


2) a) United States
b) … no one else?

Turkey is also massing troops on the border of Iraq, so I’m guessing that will be the cause/escalation leading to the cause of the Iranian War.

Everyone downplayed my claim before… Scroll down to see my OLD prediction… Good luck, fellow Americans. I wish you all the best. No matter what happens, oppose any more illegal acts, like the Military Commissions Act and the Patriot Act.

They are unconstitutional, and we should never forget the document that makes us different from other countries. Reject the Neocons. Reject the Liberals. Its time for a new battle.

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