Raytheon develops a new weapon. The ray gun.

The 'Silent Guardian' in use
The Guardian mounted on projection system, making it a ranged weapon

No longer a sci-fi weapon, it was developed for the US Army. The Silent Guardian does not cause permanent harm or leave any visible markings, however you can clearly see the pain inflicted on the tester above. This new terrorist weapon is being developed and built by Raytheon, one of the United State’s largest terrorist defence contractors(who, incidentally, was exposed earlier for supporting Hillary Clinton), in its ‘Directed Energy Solutions’ program, presumably for crowd control purposes. In the final version, it can(and will) be mounted on a jeep, directed by a screen inside, and will throw its focused beam of radiation up to a half mile. Surprised? You should be.

What kind of ‘defense’ weapon needs that long of a range? The truth is, they don’t. The only thing that needs a half-mile radius range is an offensive weapon.

You can look forward to seeing these tested on ‘terrorists,’ and also placed in embassy building perimeters. Eventually, they will be implemented in airports, admittedly in a smaller size, in order to protect American’s from more ‘terrorist’ invasions.

Here is a video of the prototype moving, and here is its data sheet.

Keep fighting. Spread the word.


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