Chinese Sub Surfaces Undetected Next to USS Kitty Hawk

Unfortunately, our military seems to underestimate the Chinese, especially their technology. Deployed with a battle fleet during exercises, the 160 ft Song Class slipped through a contingency of at least a dozen warships and 2 of our own submarines undetected, then proceeded to go into visible attack range before surfacing. The U.S.S. Kitty Hawk is a 1,000 ft. US super-carrier with 4,500 personnel on-board.

Read the rest here.

It disturbs me greatly that we can’t detect a sub when we have 14 ships looking for it.


4 Responses

  1. This story is nearly a year old. This event happened last year, and despite the sensationalism produced by all these media outlets, was no big deal. Unless you’re an active component in the region, your opinions are all based on assumptions and general ignorance.

  2. I apologize for caring, and I suppose I should have never mentioned it. I just figured that since we are spending a proposed $717 Billion dollars on defense in the 2008 fiscal year, that people might like to know this particular tidbit. I apologize for my lack of discretion.

    Oh, and I almost forgot. Unless you are referring to a separate incident, this incident happened November 10th of this year. It also states this date in the URL of the page I linked to. It seems to me you need to look before you cross the street.

  3. Speaking of aircraft carriers – on this the anniversary of the assassination of JFK, I just came across this massive effort to “Save The JFK” – the recently decommissioned USS John F. Kennedy aircraft carrier as a museum:

    Check it out!

    Happy Thanksgiving to the Kennedy Family!

  4. China should have saved that little secret for when it counted. Now, that’s the last time another countries ship or sub will ever get that close again.

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