Why I Don’t Support Huckabee

So I’ve been getting many questions lately in regards to this. Apparently, since I don’t support ALL of Ron Paul’s values, I am actually a closet Huckabee supporter. Let me tell you, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, I’m more likely to vote Kucinich then Huckabee(but not on an economical standpoint, simply on his civil rights viewpoints).

I’ll compose a simple list here.

1) He supports a nationwide smoking ban.
2) He’s a homophobe.
3) He (possibly)supports the death penalty(All I find in links to this is to the OnTheIssues.org page. If anyone knows if this is true or not, let me know).
4) He supports illegal immigration.
5) Possibly supports Iraq war and troops surge(same as number three).
6) He co-wrote the FairTax bill, which has, if at all possible, more loopholes than the current tax code.

I realize that some of these are part of the Republican platform, but that doesn’t mean I support them. Just putting this short list here to clarify my views for you, my readers.


One Response

  1. Hey, I know exactly what you’re talking about. Oh, and I found other links besides the OnTheIssues.org page. Its right here.

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