Just so its said…

I edited the blog, so that you do not need aproval from me in order to post comments. I rarely look at the moderation tab, and I beleve my readers are intelligent enough to realize they don’t need to post a comment consisting entirely of curses. That being said, I still have the spam filter on. That is all.



Huge growth yesterday! I added this blog to StumbleUpon, and got 95 clicks, bringing that days total views to 117! Thats the most we have ever had, with one day totaling more views than every other day combined. I’m glad these views are getting out in the world, and I think alot of bloggers forget about user-generated content and tagging, two key features of Web 2.0, not that I would call this blog a demonstration of that movement.

Also, 2 new people are coming to the blog. I’ll let them make their own introductions. At present, their roles are mostly contributors, not authors, but I hope to see content from them in the future.

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Please Ask Me A Question!

Since I’m pretty bored, I would really like ANYONE to ask me a question. Political or technological questions/answers will be posted on my wordpress(https://anotheropinionatedyouth.wordpress.com/), and all questions will be answered on my myspace(http://blog.myspace.com/urbandale) blog as well.

If you don’t want to post a reply to this blog, you can send me a private message.

If you do not wish your name to be included along with your question, please tell me when you ask.

I will be posting the answers to all the questions I receive sometime over the weekend.

So please, inflate my ego a bit 🙂

Some topics include politics, technology, games, movies, pop culture, etc.

Hey everybody, this is my first post…

…here on WordPress. If you don’t know me from other places, I appreciate your viewing of this page. I’m also interested in how you came to find this particular blog. Was it because of gaming, politics, my few webcomic reviews, what? Anyway, I hope to make my stay here as long, fun, and eventful as possible.
Good Day.