Florida Man Dies After Tasered Twice

Source – Fox News

LAKE CITY, Fla. — A man died Thursday after deputies stunned him with a Taser after he jumped from an ambulance, authorities said.

A friend of Ashley Ryan Stephens called 911 to request an ambulance, saying her friend was a drug user and was sick. A deputy was sent along with the ambulance crew, which is standard procedure if drugs are involved, said Columbia County Sheriff Bill Gootee.

Once inside the ambulance, Stephens became agitated and combative and kicked out an ambulance window. When the ambulance stopped, Stephens jumped out and ran into the street. He was nearly hit by several cars, Gootee said.

Stephens was stunned twice and handcuffed. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

An autopsy is scheduled for Friday.


UN Declares Taser Form of Torture

I’ll post it here in its entirety, but I thought it was WAY to good to pass up. Unfortunately, it won’t change anything on the situation in America, but its good to know anyway.

“The use of these weapons causes acute pain, constituting a form of torture,” the UN’s Committee against Torture said.

“In certain cases, they can even cause death, as has been shown by reliable studies and recent real-life events,” the committee of 10 experts said.

Three men, all in their early 20s, were reported to have died in the United States this week, days after a Polish man died at Vancouver airport after being Tasered by Canadian police.

The man, Robert Dziekanski, 40, fell to the ground and died after the police officers piled on top of him.

There have been three deaths in Canada after the use of Tasers over the past five weeks.

The company that makes the weapons has said that similar deaths have been shown by “medical science and forensic analysis” to be “attributable to other factors and not the low-energy electrical discharge of the Taser”.

The UN committee made its comments in recommendations to Portugal, which has bought the newest Taser X26 stun gun for use by police.

Portugal “should consider giving up the use of the Taser X26,” as its use can have a grave physical and mental impact on those targeted, which violates the UN’s Convention against Torture, the experts said.

Not a very long article, but at least its entertaining. Will the United States and our cohorts north and south listen?

I doubt it.

Fox Host Says Dissenters Should Be Tased

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Does it surprise anyone really? Is it astonishing that a FOX News broadcaster said this? It shouldn’t. At least, not when you look at the way they operate and their position on the newly-important taser cases so far. Anyway, take a look at the video, and I hope you… enjoy it.

On a more personal note, I apologize for not doing more posts recently. I just bought Mass Effect, and all I have to say is wow. I spent most of the 4-day weekend playing it. It is the deepest game I have ever played. I also have all but one achievement scored 🙂

Tasered For A Question

A man was tasered for asking why he was pulled over at a traffic stop September 15th. The full story is here and the video is below.

We had 150 taser-related ‘incidents’ last year and an incredible amount of unresolved cases. There was the tasering of a 6 year old, a 9 year old, a 14 year old that caused a cardiac arrest, a 92 year old, a man who didn’t show ID in his school, a man who was in his own house, the death of a Polish immigrant, the death of a 54 year old, the death of a 63 year old, and I’m sure I could find more links.

The truth is, this has been going on for a long time and it is happening all over our once-great country. Can we restore it? We have the ability, but do the people have the will? Only time will tell.

Another Taser ‘Incident’

It seems I missed one. Our neighbors to the north seem to know enough not to let American cops have ALL the fun.

A Polish man ended up staying at Vancouver National Airport for TEN HOURS, after his mother, who said she would pick him up at the baggage area, wasn’t allowed to enter without a boarding pass and wasn’t allowed to tell him where to go. She then went home, after being told that her son NEVER ARRIVED at the airport. Eventually, they realize that he doesn’t speak English, only Russian, and ask for a translator to calm the man, upset at his detaining. After a while, the man picks up a computer, throws it, and then repeats the action with the folding table he has been carrying since arrival, for an unknown reason. Eventually security comes, but, unable to talk to the Russian-speaking man, they, again, ask for an interpretor. Then all hell breaks loose.

The RCNP arrive, and before even confronting the man, one officer asks another if he may TASER the Polish man. The questioned officer agrees. After confronting the man, still with no interpretor, the man shys away, and is jolted with 50,000 volts of electricity. The man falls, and far from stopping, the RCNP taser him again. Officers then pin his head to the ground with their knees, and the man loses consciousness.

The MOST remarkable thing isn’t that the man was tasered for no apparent reason, it is that the RCNP DENIED the unprovoked attack, claiming that the man fought against them, FORCING them to taser him for their own safety.

A video of the ENTIRE incident was released, filmed by a bystander, refuting this claim entirely.

The man died on the scene.

Read and commented on from CNN, and also the host of the video itself, with much of the information produced here.

Another Taser Case To Add

Back in September, a man living in North Braddock, Pittsburgh, was tasered in his own home, while sleeping on the couch. The story is summed up below.

Shawn Hicks had come back from a night out and plopped down on his own couch in his own home. Unfortunately, he failed to deactivate the silent alarm on his home security system. According to Hicks, two police officers responded to the alarm, entered his home, and woke him with a taser between the shoulder blades. When Hicks tried to explain that the whole thing was a misunderstanding, and that the officers were in his own home, they tasered him again. They next checked his wallet and ID, which confirmed his name and address. Then they tasered him again. The police then removed the taser pellets from Hicks’ bloody back, refused to get him medical treatment, and arrested him for “being belligerent.” They threw him in a holding cell until 5 am the next morning, when they released him without filing any charges.

Of course, the police department suspended the officers who tasered Hicks without pay while they conducted an investigation. Then, the chief had them arrested for assaulting Hicks with their tasers, falsely arresting him, and violating his civil rights. They are now serving the justly deserved prison sentence.

Or not. Police officers just seem to be flying off the handle more and more these days, getting away with things that once could only happen on New York soil in the 50’s.

They MUST be held accountable