The US Is An “Endemic Surveillance Society”

According to Privacy International, the United States has dropped from Extensive to Endemic, now tied with China, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, and the UK(with the UK being more-or-less the worst in the free world). But never fear! We are still number one in a few things. They are:
* Legal protections
* Privacy enforcement
* Use of identity cards and biometrics
* Visual surveillance
* Communications interception
* Workplace monitoring
* Medical, financial and movement surveillance
* Border and trans-border issues

By number one I, of course, mean we are the worst. Go America!


FBI Raids Sunshine Mint for Liberty Dollars

At 8 AM Wednesday, November 14, the FBI assaulted the Sunshine Mint in an effort to control the distribution of the massively-popular Liberty Dollar. In short, the Liberty Dollar is money which is completely inflation-proof, and 100% backed by gold and/or silver. Their main goal is education of the Federal Reserve and the distribution of real, gold-backed currency.

In the raid, the FBI stole the plates from the mint, the dies, the paper, all the money in-house, and the gold and silver it was backed with, essentially neutering them. They are currently setting up a defense fund, as they are effectivly broke now, and have gotten major support in their efforts for justice.

Please support the Liberty Dollar and the cause they represent.