The government knows I own this blog, due to a major social networking site

Which, as a whole, I think is very surprising. To have some bloated federal agency interested in me, a small-fry in the politics blogosphere, is interesting, to say the least. Let me explain how I stumbled upon this information.

My step-mom was a civilian contractor for the Department of Defense. She was hired/promoted to a GS(Government Service) job, which she readily accepted. After her acceptance of the job, however, it came to her attention that she needed her Secret level security renewed. This being normal, she went in for the interview. I do not have a transcript(its against regulation for interviewee to record interview), however after she came home, she said that she had trouble at her interview. Apparently, they asked her if they knew about a certain ‘iGeneration’s Concerns’ blog. She stated that she didn’t look at online blogs. After a period of silence, they asked if she knew, to the best of her knowledge, the owner of ‘’. Once again, she stated no, and the interview went along as planned. However, since these questions were out of the ordinary, as she had had a Secret-level clearance interview previously.

When she came home, she looked up the blog, but couldn’t figure out who ran it, since a whois query would only show up She asked me to help her find out who ran a certain blog, to which I said “Sure. What’s the URL?” “another-opinionated-you…” “Uh, thats mine. Why are you looking it up?” To which she looked at me, and gave an answer of “huh…”, and then proceeded to tell me the previously written information.

So I wondered. How can they find out this information? I purposely used an email I had never used before, and registered both this blog and the email under the same assumed name. I also use Tor, a service which routes all your outbound connections through three different servers(owned by other people, not Tor) before going to the destination.

After thinking a bit, I figured out the answer.


It makes sense too! Where is the one place on the entire internet where we give up all of our information? Our friends, contacts, coworkers, and family? Social networking sites. The one where I post the most information, and the first links to this site, is

I wonder what else they can find out about people online…

UPDATE: I have since updated all my information(name, email) to reflect the fact that now that the government knows about me, I don’t have anything to hide.

My name is Mitchell Strand