Why I Don’t(Totally) Support Ron Paul

I’ll make this short, but still bittersweet. He is against Net Neutrality. Period. And looking through his eyes, its not hard to understand why he feels this way. The position proposed by the EFF(Electronic Frontier Foundation) is a simple one, but does call for larger government, something against traditional conservative and libertarian values. It is also an infringement on free trade, but that is a lesser issue than the aforementioned.

In a somewhat joking post I have already stated my position on Net Neutrality. I stand by that position, as I believe that position will carry the network neutrality position even though it seems to favor the tel-co(telecommunication) industry. However, since I do support the net neutrality viewpoint, I still have a link on my blogroll to the right.


A Figment of the Imagination?

While browsing today, I came upon a government website that just so happens to have what I’ve been looking for for a long time.
Irrefutable proof that the Superhighway is AT LEAST being considered.
And I now have that proof.
At a government website for Alberta they have posted the approximate locations for the the NAFTA Superhighway. Just in case they take down the page, I’m going to post screenshots here, along with the image of the map itself. This is probably know to most of the tinfoil network already, as much of this has already been affirmed, however the public at large does NOT know about this.
We need to make this an issue in order to save our homeland.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2